AIMday® (Academic Industry Meeting day) is an innovative approach to collaboration between industry and academia.


The AIMday concept is centred on small group discussions where a question raised by a company or organisation is highlighted, and examined during a one hour session by academics and experts from several different disciplines.

By matching a company’s need for new knowledge with the University’s academic expertise, AIMday brings understanding and new perspectives to ‘real life’ challenges in companies and organisations.

How an AIMday works

The format of an AIMday is simple yet effective; one question, one hour, one group of experts.

Companies taking part are invited to submit questions beforehand relating to the chosen theme.

The questions are then circulated around the University and academics can self-select the questions they feel they can offer assistance with.

Straight from the outset you have relevant academics who are engaged with talking with industry.

AIMday event

The AIMday workshops are run as one hour sessions in which the company/organisation and academics jointly tackle the question posed in order to scope out possible pathways to a solution.

Edinburgh AIMdays

The University of Edinburgh has staged 9 AIMdays to date, attended by over 230 academics and company representatives, ranging from start-ups and SMEs to large multinationals.

Previous AIMdays themes have covered:

  • Modelling & Simulation
  • Materials
  • Fluids & Flow
  • Life Sciences
  • Sensors & Signal Processing
  • Risk & Resilience
  • Sensor Signal Processing & Imaging
  • Construction
  • Governance

Proven industry engagement model

Feedback from the Edinburgh events has demonstrated the uniqueness and effectiveness of the AIMday concept.

Companies who participate in AIMdays say that, as well as building useful contacts for collaborations and identifying new paths to solutions to the questions they posed, they gain a wider perspective on the challenges they face.

The process has already led to a myriad of outcomes, including studentships, research projects and consultancy programmes.

Why should you attend?

Whether you’re a micro business at start-up level, an established SME or a mammoth multinational, there are only winners among attendees at AIMday events.

You can meet academics who can solve issues within your industry and discover new opportunities for product and service development through collaborations and commissioned research.

You can also meet doctoral candidates who may be your future employees.

Next AIMday

Further AIMday at the University are being planned for 2017 and will be publicised as soon as they are open for registration.

Find out more

To find out more about how the University of Edinburgh can work with your business on a specific challenge or question:

» Register your interest in attending an AIMday


Did you know?

The Academic Industry Meeting (AIM) day was initially developed at Uppsala University in Sweden.

In 2014 the University of Edinburgh introduced the concept to the UK, becoming the first university in the world to host an AIMday® industry event outside Scandinavia.

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