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The saying goes that two heads are better than one, and certainly working alongside someone who has commercial experience will hugely increase your chances of success in business.

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Mentoring programme

Mentoring often provides the key to business success. Many University of Edinburgh start-up companies have been supported by our network of business mentors. A mentor is someone with considerable business experience, who can direct the mentee to issues they need to consider and people and organisations they need to connect with. Mentors want their mentee’s to succeed; they are quick with advice, honest in their feedback and generous with their networks.

Our team has a portfolio of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts who have agreed to give a little of their time to mentor the University’s brightest new start-ups. We will connect you with an experienced mentor with some experience in your field.

Executive search

In some cases, start-ups need more than just mentoring support. Often research-led technologies require a lead entrepreneur with significant industry experience to get the company to a point where it can take on the necessary investment it needs to start-up. We can assist you with finding the right people for your company Board, and provide contacts that can assist you with the fundamentals of shareholders agreements and HR issues.

Specialist clinics

Regular clinics are held in our offices with external law and accountancy firms. Slots of 45 minutes are available free of charge, for non-committal advice on any aspect of your business. Things you might like to discuss might include:

  • Incorporation advice and selecting a legal structure.
  • Advice on Shareholders Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Company Secretary duties and Articles of Association.
  • Advice on IP protection, including patents.
  • Brand management, freedom to use, trademarks etc.
  • Website compliance.
  • Employment issues, liabilities, insurance and contracts.
  • Terms and conditions of sale.
  • How to manage book-keeping and end of year accounts.
  • Corporation tax, payroll, VAT, and compliance obligations.

Find out when the next clinic is on through our Events page.

Could you mentor one of our entrepreneurs?

We are always on the lookout for good connections and potential collaboration opportunities for our start-ups and spin-outs. In particular, we look for individuals or organisations who:

  • Might be good mentors for our young entrepreneurs.
  • Have relevant industry experience.
  • Are willing to donate time and expertise to speak at events or workshops?
  • Have business challenges that one of our start-ups or spin-outs might be able to solve.

If you think that you or your organisation has something to offer, please contact LAUNCH.ed by emailing

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