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Edinburgh Research and Innovation (ERI) is dedicated to ensuring the availability of early-stage risk capital for Edinburgh’s pipeline of technology based companies, which is critical in the early years, as well as delivering real benefits to the local economy.

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Start-up funding for high growth businesses

The Acceleration Pipeline is available for a limited number of start-ups each year who are working on high-growth potential businesses or projects. Up to ten businesses will be accepted each year on the approval of the Selection Panel. Participants on the programme will receive:

  1. £5000 start-up award which can be used to fund services such as accountancy, solicitors and patent attorney fees, product design consultancy, strategy consultants, PR, marketing, and market research consultancy.
  2. Mentoring support from an experienced Business Mentor for one year
  3. Around 1 day of Business Advisor support per month.
  4. Focussed support for Innovation Grant proposal writing (if applicable)
  5. Automatic entrance into the Inspire, Launch, Grow Competition to win a £5000 Top Prize.

In return for the cash and services, the company will provide a warrant to purchase 1% of shares at par value prior to an exit event.

University’s Growth Investment Fund

Old College Capital (OCC) is the Investment Fund of The University of Edinburgh, and provides growth equity to the University’s leading spin-out and start-up companies. The Fund, a limited partnership, will make mid- and late-stage venture investments into companies as they grow and develop. It will seek to invest a total fund of up to £2million, making available amounts of £100,000 to £400,000 for spin-outs with very high growth potential as part of a larger funding round involving professional investors. Any investments will be made as part of a larger funding round involving professional investors.

Other support schemes for Edinburgh's entrepreneurs

Edinburgh's entrepreneurs have also proven successful in winning funding support for their enterprises through one or more of the following enterprise schemes:

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