Two Big Ears

Two Big Ears specialise in providing audio solutions for Virtual Reality (VR). Their flagship products are The Spatial Workstation and 3Deception. In May 2016 this company joined social media giant Facebook. 

University of Edinburgh Alumni Abesh Thakur and Varun Nair who started their company Two Big Ears while studying at the University of Edinburgh and have recently seen the fruits of their labour. Two Big Ears a company that specialises in virtual reality (VR) audio solutions has been bought by Facebook the social media giant.

While studying at the University of Edinburgh, Abesh and Varun received support from the robust enterprise ecosystem at the University including support from LAUNCH.ed who provided investment, mentoring, training, and advisory support. They also received help from the business’s schools Entrepreneurship Club (eClub) and Informatics Ventures (IV). Two Big Ears were part of LAUNCH.ed and IV’s inaugural summer entrepreneurship program and Abesh went on to represent the company to investors when he pitched at Engage Invest Exploit (EIE) in 2014.

As both Abesh and Varun were international students are from India they also gained the backing of LAUNCH.ed and the University of Edinburgh to gain their Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa to ensure they could stay in Scotland and develop their company.

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