eoSurgical Ltd

Roland Partridge and Paul Brennan of eoSurgical with their prototype products

eoSurgical is an award-winning start-up company, set up by two postgraduate students at the University, to design and manufacture surgical simulator tools to help surgeons to improve their operative skills.

Paul Brennan and Roland Partridge, both PhD students and trainee surgeons at the University set up eoSurgical Ltd to produce accessible and affordable training equipment, designed by surgeons for the global surgical community.

They believe that the only way to get better at such techniques is by regular practice.  Existing surgical simulators are bulky, expensive and not accessible to the individual surgeon.

They have designed two medical devices for rehearsing keyhole surgery and other surgical techniques.  The EoSim enables surgeons to practice essential laparoscopic / keyhole techniques.  The EoSo enables medical professionals, including nurses, vets, dentists, and chiropodists, to master suturing and knot tying skills simulators address this.

These devices, which are no bigger than a medium size box, are shipped with all the equipment that is required to improve surgical skills.  They have all the instruments, tools, sutures and practice models included and a small camera inside, which can be connected to any computer.  There is on-line training support and the devices are affordable enough for the individual surgeon.

According to Paul: “The simulators contain everything that’s required so you can plug and play without the need for expensive 3d computer interface technology.  The additional advantages of these particular devices as compared to others on the market are they are affordable, portable and, most importantly, you can practise as often as required, in a risk free environment.”

Early in 2012, eoSurgical won the Scottish Institute for Enterprise New Ventures Competition, in recognition of their outstanding business innovation, and followed up this success by winning the postgraduate category of the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards in July.

Further information

Company website: http://www.eosurgical.co.uk

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