pureLiFi Ltd

Harald Haas demonstrates PureVLC Li Fi technology

pureLiFI Ltd is a new spin-out from the School of Engineering developing prototype ‘Li-Fi’ technology, which will see LED light bulbs carrying optical wireless communication streams, as an alternative to ‘conventional’ Wi-Fi.

The development of super high-speed transmission using off-the-shelf LED light bulbs initially came from research carried out by Harald Haas, Professor of Mobile Communications in the University's Institute of Digital Communications (IDCOM).

Professor Haas received funding support from the Scottish Enterprise Proof of Concept programme to build and further develop a prototype for commercialisation through the formation of a new University spin-out company, pureVLC, during the last quarter of 2011.

This ground-breaking technology allows LED light to modulate at a rate so fast as to be imperceptible to the human eye, but which can be picked up by receivers, such as suitably configured smart-phone cameras, at speeds of hundreds of megabits per second, thereby enabling the light source to transmit data.

Configuring a light source, such as a simple household LED bulb, with pureLiFi’s ‘Li-Fi’ technology creates a localised data communications centre capable of carrying data, not just in a single data stream, but thousands of data streams in parallel at high speed.

Moreover, it can be used in intrinsically safe environments - petrochemical plants, hospitals, aircraft, etc., where the use of radio frequency Wi-Fi can have restrictions.

Further information

Company website: http://purelifi.co.uk

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