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Consulting the experts delivers organic growth

30 July 2011

Research by the University into how consumers perceive organic and local food is helping one producer to boost its customer base, and could provide lessons for the wider organic industry in Scotland.

Long term collaboration grows from seeds of a studentship

30 July 2011

A successful research collaboration with South Korean Unhwa Corporation to improve the production of life-saving drugs from tree cells that grew out of a studentship in 2006 is extended to 2016.

Genetics expertise leads to big leap in sustainability of farmed salmon

30 July 2011

Salmon breeding performance for Landcatch Natural Selection has vastly improved with long term research support from the University’s Roslin Institute.

Research collaboration develops winter tyres with a better road grip

30 July 2010

French tyre manufacturer Michelin has been working in partnership with the University since 2006 to develop tyres with a better grip on ice-covered roads.

Industrial studentship to accelerate development of biotech company's therapeutic compounds

30 July 2010

A collaborative research project with a biotechnology company is looking at the potential for the company’s proprietary compounds to be used in treatment approaches for Parkinson’s disease.

Soil remediation tool a STAR licence for the University

30 July 2010

The University has licensed a revolutionary technology for remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater to Geosyntec Consultants, Inc., a US-based geo-engineering firm.

University technology helps research reagent company develop life science research tool

30 July 2009

An innovative research tool developed at the University is being utilised by a leading research reagent company to create products that will help life scientists to understand Cancer, Rett Syndrome and, possibly, other disorders.

First Scottish university spin-out company to list on the London Stock Exchange

30 July 2008

VLSI Vision was founded in 1990 to commercialise CMOS imaging technology, and became the first Scottish university spin-out company to be publicly listed on the UK Stock Exchange in 1995.

The sound of success for Wolfson

30 July 2006

Wolfson Microelectronics is an excellent example of the emergence of a successful technology company that grew to become a global player in the manufacture of semiconductor components for the digital consumer market.

Revolutionary technology set to save oil industry billions

30 July 2005

MTEM Ltd became the largest ever spin-out from a Scottish university in 2004 after raising £7.4M to commercialise revolutionary oilfield survey technology and, despite being acquired in 2007, still continues to operate in the Edinburgh region.

Licensed vaccine creates a major legacy for the University

30 July 2002

When Professor Ken Murray licensed his pioneering Hepatitis B vaccine to a US biotechnology company in the 1980s, no-one could have predicted the global impact of his discovery or the contribution that the royalty income would make to future education and research at the University.


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