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Exciting changes for student support at the University of Edinburgh

by Sarah Scace, Enterprise Manager – Marketing & Communications

  • 6 January 2016
Exciting changes for student support at the University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Research & Innovation and LAUNCH.ed, the University of Edinburgh’s support for student and staff entrepreneurs, are starting out 2016 with some exciting changes.

LAUNCH.ed will be saying goodbye to Paul Devlin who headed up student start-up support as Enterprise Development Manager for the past two and a half years and helped many students start enterprises, gain finance, and grow companies.

Paul was a key backer of the Accelerator Pipeline program which granted companies up to £5,000 in funding to fast-track their progress. Notable recipients of this program were Krotos Ltd and Shot Scope Technologies Ltd.

Paul will be joining Mercia Technologies to build a team in Scotland that will increase support for Scottish entrepreneurs with VC investment.

New head of LAUNCH.ed programme

We are pleased to announce that Alison Gee will be taking the helm at LAUNCH.ed and moving into the position of Enterprise Development Manager: Students. Alison’s position will see her leading on support for Student Entrepreneurs at the University of Edinburgh. Alison has been working with entrepreneurs for 25 years and has a made a big impact on the student support program here at the University of Edinburgh since joining LAUNCH.ed in 2013.

Alison spear-headed the Enterprise Initiative Grant, which awards funds to students with early stage ideas to help them develop their propositions. This program has supported successful entrepreneurs from companies such as Polorum and Parkure.

Alison also developed the Tier 1 visa programme for student entrepreneurs which has helped the University keep great entrepreneurial talent here in Scotland. Great examples of talent attracted through this programme include Two Big Ears Ltd and Medicen Device.

Team boosted with fresh talent

LAUNCH.ed will also welcome new talent to the team with Liza Sutherland joining the LAUNCH.ed team in January to take on the role of Enterprise Executive. Liza will support students to explore, launch and grow enterprises.

Liza is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded technology-based companies in several sectors, including software and entertainment. She has also supported entrepreneurs as a mentor and advisor through programmes such as Innovation Centres Scotland and the EPIS programme (Edinburgh Pre-Incubator Scheme).

We closed 2015 with some great new developments and big wins at Converge Challenge and Scottish Edge, and we look forward to seeing our new team develop on this success. We are looking forward to a big year of entrepreneurship at the University of Edinburgh.

Further information

To learn more about what LAUNCH.ed does to help student entrepreneurs visit the LAUNCH.ed website


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