News (from Edinburgh Research and Innovation)


New licence agreement set to enhance our understanding of disease

24 October 2016

The University has signed a licence agreement with life sciences giant Merck for pioneering fluorescent probe technology that helps understand how disease progresses.

ERI extends industry alliance with licence deal for University software

24 October 2016

ERI has concluded a licence deal with sustainability software and data company Ecometrica for software developed at the University of Edinburgh.

Genetics expertise leads to big leap in sustainability of farmed salmon

30 July 2011

Salmon breeding performance for Landcatch Natural Selection has vastly improved with long term research support from the University’s Roslin Institute.

Soil remediation tool a STAR licence for the University

30 July 2010

The University has licensed a revolutionary technology for remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater to Geosyntec Consultants, Inc., a US-based geo-engineering firm.

University technology helps research reagent company develop life science research tool

30 July 2009

An innovative research tool developed at the University is being utilised by a leading research reagent company to create products that will help life scientists to understand Cancer, Rett Syndrome and, possibly, other disorders.

Licensed vaccine creates a major legacy for the University

30 July 2002

When Professor Ken Murray licensed his pioneering Hepatitis B vaccine to a US biotechnology company in the 1980s, no-one could have predicted the global impact of his discovery or the contribution that the royalty income would make to future education and research at the University.


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