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Third University of Edinburgh AIMday going with the flow

AIMday Fluids & Flow

  • 27 November 2014

Event date: 23/04/2015 Export event

Third University of Edinburgh AIMday going with the flow

Edinburgh Research and Innovation has announced a new AIMday Fluids & Flow event at the University of Edinburgh, the third in the series of AIMday events targeted at companies looking to find an innovative solution to a challenging problem.

The latest AIMday event will be held on 23rd April 2015 at the University’s Kings Buildings Campus and will focus on the broad topic of ‘Fluid Flows’.

Fluids include matter in any state apart from ‘solid’ and can therefore exist as a liquid, gas or plasma. How these fluids exist in motion and are affected by the forces resulting from their movement is a particular area of expertise at the University of Edinburgh.

There is a wealth of expertise in this area available across the University, which can be of benefit to companies involved across a number of sectors, including Healthcare, Energy, Construction, Food and Drink, as well as Industrial Biotechnology.

The AIMday event is based around a series of one hour workshops where a panel of academics discuss several pathways to a solution for a question posed by the company.

Registration for AIMday Fluids & Flow is now open for organisations who are interested in attending to register and submit their questions.

Find out more about the event and how to register:

About AIMday events

Previous AIMday events, which stands for “Academic Industry Meeting day”, have covered “Modelling & Simulation” and “Materials”. The meeting is focused on workshops where questions raised are discussed by academic scientists from several different disciplines. Questions are welcomed from both companies and public organisations.

One question, one hour, a group of academic experts – the AIMday format is unique and has proven successful in finding useful contacts, collaborations and new solutions to challenges facing industry today.


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