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University teams up with Marblar to crystallise fresh innovation

  • 18 March 2013

The University of Edinburgh has joined a new crowdsourcing initiative to pilot a new innovation approach to commercialising its intellectual property portfolio and forging global alliances.

Edinburgh Research and Innovation (ERI), the commercialisation arm of the University of Edinburgh, is joining forces for the first time with Marblar, the ambitious crowdsourcing social network which helps universities find new partners interested in creating fresh opportunities for its intellectual property assets. 

ERI has high hopes for its initial offering to the Marblar community - BioLayout Express3D, a software programme developed at The Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh for the analysis and visualisation of complex data, by Professor Tom Freeman from the University’s Systems Immunology Group.

Marblar’s role as a catalyser, breathing fresh life into innovation has far reaching effects. BioLayout will be seen by a global community of scientists and innovators on Marblar who have the chance of bringing forward their own ideas to further enhance the opportunities for the 3D software application. For example, ERI hopes BioLayout can leverage other applications requiring visualisation of 'big data'.

Angus Stewart-Liddon, Licensing Executive at Edinburgh Research and Innovation commented: "We are piloting our involvement with Marblar by offering up BioLayout and I’m confident this will attract a great deal of interest. ERI has a great record of commercialising technologies invented by our research colleagues at the University of Edinburgh.

"Marblar offers us the opportunity to tap in to the creative minds within this unique social media platform and we hope that this, in turn, will lead to exciting new applications and commercialisation partners for Edinburgh technologies. The Marblar network could become a great source of new ideas and opportunities that could ultimately benefit Scotland as a whole."

In response, Gabriel Mecklenberg, co-founder of Marblar added: "Together with Edinburgh Research and Innovation, we’ll be creating Marblar science competitions around several technologies from the University of Edinburgh in the coming months – leveraging a global community to find new market opportunities for these discoveries. We’re thrilled that Edinburgh Research and Innovation is leading the way in catalysing new products, companies, and most importantly, jobs from these Scottish discoveries."

The opportunity to find new applications for the BioLayout Express3D software platform marks Marblar’s first foray into uncovering fresh opportunities for software technologies.

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