Festival Speech Synthesis System

Speech synthesis system

The Festival Speech Synthesis System software offers a framework for building speech synthesis systems, as well as including examples of various modules.

The Festival Speech Synthesis System offers full text to speech through a number application programming interfaces (APIs) and is also a tool for the development of speech synthesis methods.

Festival is multi-lingual, including English (British and American) and Spanish with English being the most advanced. Voice packages for other languages exist and continue to be developed.

The system is written in C++ and uses the Edinburgh Speech Tools Library for low level architecture and has a Scheme (SIOD) based command interpreter for customisation.


  • Any applications where speech synthesis is required

Key Benefits

  • Written in C++ and uses the Edinburgh Speech Tools Library for low level architecture
  • Offers full text to speech through a number APIs
  • Multi-lingual (including English British, English American and Spanish)

Terms & Conditions

Following acceptance of the terms and conditions, a link will be provided to enable the download of the Festival software and speech tools.

The Festival software is distributed under an X11-type software licence (see terms and conditions) allowing unrestricted commercial and non‐commercial use alike.

University Services Available

Commercial high‐quality multi‐accent pronunciation lexicons for English with advanced features for use with the Festival Speech Synthesis System can be licensed from ERI’s Click‐thru Licensing System:

This technology is available to access under the University's Open Technology initiative.

Request Access To This Technology

To access this technology under the 'Open Technology' initiative from ERI, simply complete the Open Technology Request Form, accepting the terms and conditions applicable to this technology.

View Open Technology Request Form

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