High-resolution bioclimate map of the world

Global Environmental Stratification map

This global bioclimate dataset provides a robust spatial analytical framework for the integration and analysis of ecological and environmental data for climate modelling.

The Global Environmental Stratification (GEnS) is a statistically derived global bioclimate classification, providing a novel global spatial framework for the integration and analysis of ecological and environmental data. The dataset distinguishes 125 strata that are relatively homogeneous in bioclimatic conditions and can be aggregated into 18 environmental zones. The classification procedure is described in Metzger et al., (2013a).

The GEnS is available as a raster and vector spatial dataset for use with a Geographical Information System, and has a 30 arcsec resolution (equivalent to 0.86 km2 at the equator).

The GEnS provides a robust spatial analytical framework for the aggregation of local observations, identification of gaps in current monitoring efforts and systematic design of complementary and new monitoring and research.

Potential Applications

  • Gap analyses
  • Systematic design of observation networks
  • Environmental and agro-ecological assessments

Key Benefits

  • Robust spatial analytical framework for planning in relation to agriculture, food production and climate modelling
  • A unifying framework for global biodiversity research and monitoring
  • Identifies similar biophysical environments across the globe

Key Publications

Metzger MJ, Bunce RGH, Jongman RHG, Sayre R, Trabucco A, Zomer R. (2013a). A high-resolution bioclimate map of the world: a unifying framework for global biodiversity research and monitoring. Global Ecology and Biogeography (in press). http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/geb.12022

Metzger MJ, Brus DJ, Bunce RGH, Carey PD, Gonçalves J, Honrado JP, Jongman RHG, Trabucco A, Zomer R. (2013b). Environmental stratifications as the basis for national, European and global ecological monitoring. Ecological Indicators (in press). http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ecolind.2012.11.009

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