Tiffany Wood has helped companies improve their understanding of  complex fluids

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ERI's Consultancy team has an excellent track record of working with industry and external organisations to find the most effective solutions to the challenges that you are facing. Our experienced team will work closely and quickly with you to understand the challenges and identify the best academic expert or facility in the University to meet your requirements. Contact the consultancy management team or send us an email

Head of Consultancy & Business Services

Aileen Appleyard

T: +44 131 651 3506

M: +44 7799 581 878

College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Consultancy Manager

Moira Boyd

T: +44 131 650 9043

M: +44 7866 361 870

College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Consultancy Manager

Monica Dearden

T: +44 131 651 3509

M: +44 (0) 7867750284

College of Science & Engineering

Consultancy Manager

Ian Hatch

T: +44 131 651 3425

M: +44 7989 408 719

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